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Promotion of Moral Values

The more of your cartoons I watch, the more partial I become to sodomy. What was that song in the menu? I'm thinking of losing my ass virginity to it.

Catobleper responds:

Mix Master Mike - Full Range Earmuff

Ironic, isn't it?

If I said it was terrible, this review would be deleted even with some criticism, even though I just did.

You can't call someone out for spam if your own movie is at the bottom of the barrel. Not to mention you put a bunch of dicks right at the beginning of the movie. Can you say hypocrisy?

Focusing on the actual quality, it was pretty bad. Spend more time refining you dicks, and add more content than a midshot walking loop. At the very least color in the man. Something you might want to also focus one is tightening up your FBF and get down your timing.

There's tons of voice actors on the internet, so there isn't really an excuse for having such a poor quality voice over.

Also, make your lines smoother of something. Just practice and be original next time instead of harping on some group who just wants attention anyway.

4L74IR responds:

finally! a great review
So yeah, I can and I will do better flashes for the next time, though not in this account heh... you will eventually find my good flash. perhaps remember that one character with the knife, he will come back anew.
this was not meant to be spam or anything of that sort, it was more of a mocking animation of the [kk] style I did put that dick in cuz I plainly wanted to mock that retarded cat they got in theirs.
This was made more as an anger burst... i gotta admit it, i got annoyed while trying to get a higher blam/protection points.
What you just said in your review made me think of what I really was doing as an animator, I can do better than that trust me... in fact, I will send you my next piece of work (which I am working on) from my other account.
Indeed it was Ironic, and i didnt mean this to be a good animation at all.
anyway, thx for the crtitic.

That was bugging me too.

Thank god someone had the sense to not copy Allen Awesome's format religiously. (Ha, puns.)

Its difficult wading through all the submissions to find those few unique takes on an overused, (but now at least), concept. Fortunately I stumbled upon this. The animation was excellent, however it contrasted greatly with the dark grainy video. Might want to get some lights in there next time.

The voice was none too welcoming either, but that's an extremely minor gripe.

I don't want to say what I voted on this, because those reviews seem to get deleted, so I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with "five".

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Great graphics, coding, audio, everything.

Simply put, it's addictive.

I still can't believe how big this turned out to be.

It's godly, end. Glad I was a part of it.


Great game.

Awesome job, and I can see you used a couple programs to pull this together.

Got stuck on level 2 though, after the rats where you open up the door.

Could it have something to do with the ladder right before it?

Matmi responds:

Were you born in a barn? Shut doors after you.


I must say that was hours upon hours of addictive fun.

I will never leave my computer again.

HoboPorn responds:


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This was great!

I actually used it in one of my animations, people really liked it! The song that is.


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