A Bedtime Tale 2

2007-09-13 14:59:16 by Reyals

Nathan loved cupcakes. I know most of us do, but no one loves them like Nathan. He thinks of cupcakes not only as sustenance, but as a friend, a source of entertainment, a toothbrush, and a lover.

Yes I went there girlfriend. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Nathan the meerkat loved nothing more than making sweet, gentle love to cupcakes. All kinds, it didn't matter to Nathan, for Nathan was not a racist.

However he was put in jail for 10 years because he decided to display his love in a pubic park. He died soon after he got out.

Moral of the story:
Racism is bad.

The End


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2007-09-13 15:49:38

Umm. I didn't get that one. I understood the other one, but this one was confusing.

Reyals responds:

He fucked a cupcake in a park.

I wrote this one quickly.

Another should be out next week, if I find my notebook full of them. (Or if I write some more.)


2007-09-13 17:15:44

may the ignorant masses be enlightened by this.

Reyals responds:

And may they be enlightened by the collection of short stories I'm going to attempt to publish.


2007-09-13 17:19:11

Nathan sounds like me after a long night in the basement with good lady pot.

Oh, I love her.

THis story would be funnier if I had her around though ;_;

Reyals responds:



2007-09-14 02:40:07

What an erotic story.


2007-09-15 19:46:42

"However he was put in jail for 10 years because he decided to display his love in a pubic park."

Pubic park? Hahaha.

Reyals responds:


Typos are funny.


2007-09-16 00:41:06

Funny thing is, it kind of makes sense if you read it through like that. :o

Reyals responds:

I wouldn't want to be the landscaper for a pubic park.


2007-09-18 23:07:24

Okayyyyyy not funny.

Reyals responds:

penis penis penis